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"Where your real estate investment is our priority!"


To provide the highest level of service to our clients by committing to loyal, ethical, and sound real estate advice.

About Us

MiddLand Real Estate is comprised of an experienced group of real estate professionals. Their attention to detail and ability to treat each client as if they are the only priority is unparalleled. 

If you are looking for your forever home, need to sell your home or for a potential real estate investment...contact MiddLand today! 

Your investment truly is their priority!

Meet The MiddLand Team

Dwayne Bryant, 

Real Estate Broker

Tammy Porter

Real Estate Broker

Owner/Managing Broker

Eric L. Middleton Jr.

Owner/Managing Broker

Phone: 317.869.5212

Eric: eric@middlandrealestate.com

Office: office@middlandrealestate.com

Eric Middleton effortlessly makes his clients investment his priority. He learned the importance of building and helping others at a young age. The early loss of his father catapulted his desire to ensure the needs of his family were met. Losing the “big house” and being forced into a smaller one was the catalyst in his desire to work in the real estate market. After earning an engineering degree as well as a degree in business, he acquired the skill to launch MiddLand Real Estate LLC.

Eric has spent nearly 20 years in electronic engineering. His focus, ability to successfully manage several projects simultaneously, and attention to minor/major details has made him a successful and well-referred Broker.

Eric has well over a decade of experience in residential sales. He has an expertise in short sales, new construction, investment opportunities, first-time home-buyers, and effectively marketing homes for sellers. Eric is certified in BPO (Broker Price Opinion), which ensures homes are sold at market value.

Eric has also recently ventured into commercial as he serves as the Real Estate Broker and Advisor for his church whom recently purchased a new building.

Eric is a family man who is committed to his beautiful wife of 22 years, and two adult children ages 22 and 23. He enjoys running, traveling and a bit of thrill seeking.